Bamboo – Design for sustainability

Bamboo – Design for sustainability
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MBPF Bamboo Competition Winning Entries

Maharashtra Bamboo Promotion Foundation presents

“Bamboo – Design for sustainability”

Design Excellence Award for Students

Strategic Partner
Association of Designers of India

Supported by
IIA Indian Institute of Architects
IIID Indian Institute of Interior Designers

How does one define an ideal surrounding using sustainable material ? With our environment becoming more and more critical, time has come to exploit the best of the renewable resource for the betterment of our day to day life. Working with traditional artisans to upgrade there livelihood is also an act of social responsibility for the urban individual.

How does a structure, furniture and interior product fit into the local ethos of this growing development? How does one equip our cities for this future? And how does this tie up with our tradition and culture? These are some questions which we aim to find answers

“Bamboo – Design for sustainability” invites proposals from students to design for the new India. We welcome entries that are innovative, enterprising and revolutionary. The idea should relate to the environment- culturally, geographically and socio-economically. As the cities are expanding and becoming more crowded there is a growing need for better products that are environmentally sensitive, convey a modern lifestyle in addition to be socially relevant.

Apply your innovative mind to Design for sustainability using Bamboo.

  • Structure : 100 sq ft stand-alone structure
    ( Kiosk, canopy, entrance gate, meeting space, experiential space )
    Something which has a utility value
    Structure has to be considered without grouting in the ground
  • Furniture : Any furniture item for interior or exterior with utility value
  • Product : A utility product for the contemporary home / office –
    Home Tableware, Office table accessory,
    Lampshade, home/office accessory product

The usage of bamboo in the designs should be minimum 70 %

  • Students above the age of 18 years
Evaluation Criteria

Entries has to be contemporary / modern with high utility value

Concept evaluation

  • Problem/s identification and definition.
  • Creativity of the proposed solution.
  • Practicality of the solution.
  • Styling and detailing.
  • Clear and concise presentation.
Method of Submission
  • Entries to be submitted on
  • Submission Method
    Presentation should be made in .ppt or .PDF format
    Size of the file not to exceed 1 MB
  • Presentation Template
    Slide One
    a. Concept Name      b. Participants Name & Contact Details
    Slide Two
    Descriptive note regarding your concept ( not more than 100 words )
    Slide Four, Five & Six
    Concept Sketches/renderings ( hand or computer generated ) elaborating your design
Online Jury for Short listing of Entries
  • Three entries from the three categories will be selected winners
  • Winners from each category will receive an award in from of Trophy, Certificate and cash prize
Important dates
  • Submission: 26th Jan 2021
  • Jury: 10th February 2021
  • Results: 7th March 2021
Terms & Conditions
  • All designs submitted become property of the individual designers
  • The intellectual property of the shortlisted entries will be jointly owned by the applicant and MBPF
  • MBPF reserves the right to publish the design for its publicity and awareness campaigns
  • Original designs, newly created and previously unpublished are expected.
  • MBPF will manufacture the winning entries from each category if funds are availble
  • The winners will get a chance to showcase their winning entries at MBPF centers

For any further information contact,

Welcome to ADI Awards!

ADI International Student Design Competition 2021

BoP Awards Ceremony on 27th February at 8pm


Bamboo - Design for Sustainability
Design Excellence Award for Students

Winning Entries